Sell Your Text Books

We Buy Books is a service designed to help you sell text books online and make some extra cash! It’s a process so simple it takes seconds J

What do you do when you’ve finished with your text books? Do you sell text books on auction sites such as eBay, and spend money on insertion fees and such like – only to be disappointed when they don’t sell? Perhaps you put an ad on the local students union board, or even worse try to sell text books at your local car boot, waking up at the crack of dawn and waste time haggling over 0.50p.

We Buy Books has been designed to avoid such problems, it’s a service where you can sell text books and earn some easy money! It’s no secret, text books don’t come cheap, so wouldn’t it be nice to recoup some of the money you spent buying them? Simple and hassle free We Buy Books makes it really easy to sell text books.

To sell text books simply punch in the ISBN number on the back of the book and view your instant offer! It really is that easy to sell text books with We Buy Books.

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Our objective is to buy and recycle or find a second life for as many books as possible, as well as help our customers sell text books they no longer need. Of course, its’ easier to sell text books if tehy’re in good condition, if you want to sell text books that look like they’ve been savaged by a pack of wild hounds there is a good chance we won’t accept them!

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