Sell Music CD’s – A Great Way to Make Money!

Ever thought of turning unwanted CDs into money and a wind chime? Well now you have, all with the help of

First thing is first, find some unwanted CDs that you no longer wish to have collecting dust. Create an account with webuybooks and sell away! The CDs that are most widely accepted are:

  • Greatest Hits …
  • Classical music
  • Operatic music
  • The very best of …
  • Compilation Albums


Once you have your pile of CDs to sell all you need to do is to follow the easy on screen instructions, which includes the following four simple steps:

  1. Enter the ISBN Number / Barcodes of the items you want to sell and check their condition (see the Item Condition Guidelines)
  2. They will let you know how much they’re going to pay for your items. If you’re happy you can accept the offer and let them know your preferred payment method.
  1. Print off a postage label, box up your items (view the Packaging Guidelines) and post them for FREE!
  2. Once they receive your items they seek to pay you within 3 working days into your account based on your preferred payment method.


For the CDs that do not accept, try turning them into the following craft ideas. It’ll keep the kids quiet on a rainy day!

  • CD wind chime
  • CD candle holder
  • Photo frame