Make a Second Income with tips & tricks.

Do you enjoy going to charity & second hand shops hunting down bargains? Would you like to make some easy cash? People are grabbing bargains from local charity shops and selling them at for a nice profit. If you think you have an eye for a bargain and could easily make extra ££££ then why not give it a try? I’ll even give you some tips when it comes to knowing what to look out for.

Our book hot list:

•             Food/cookery books,
•             Arts and crafts books,
•             Text books,
•             History books,
•             Travel guides.

Our CD Hot List:

•             Greatest Hits …
•             Classical music
•             Operatic music
•             The very best of …
•             Compilation Albums

Our DVD Hot List:

•             Exercise or work out
•             Disney classics
•             Box sets
•             Chart DVDs

Our Games Hot List:

•             Exercise or work out
•             Chart games

As a general guide popular paperback fiction and children’s books are not often accepted.
We look forward to receiving your items. GOOD LUCK and happy bargain hunting.